Truck Brakes


Drum Brakes

Meritor enjoys a market-leading position with cost of ownership optimized through the application of advanced predictive techniques and innovative manufacturing processes. We are the world’s largest producer of Z-cam, S-cam and wedge air drums for trucks. Through our Aftermarket business, we provide Meritor, Euclid and Fras-Le replacement parts.

One example of an industry-leading offering is the Meritor Q Plus™ (pictured above) cam brake. Performance, serviceability, dependability, simple operation and proven design are the factors that have made the Q Plus an industry standard. The Q Plus increases service life and mileage between relines by using thicker lining blocks. Because of these thicker linings, we specially designed an S-cam and heavy-duty shoe return spring to provide additional brake shoe travel for full wear. An improved camshaft bushing also contributes to longer service life.

Q Plus brakes are available for steer, drive and trailer axle applications and provide greatly enhanced stopping power. In their high performance steer axle application, for example, there is up to 100 percent more torque and 65 percent more wearable lining than standard 15” x 4” brakes.

Features and Benefits

Our Q Plus™ brakes feature linings with extra thickness at the maximum wear point and improved camshaft bushing to help ensure an increased service life.

The shoes are of a quick change design for ease of serviceability and our focus on parts commonality among steer, drive and trailer brakes help customers to effectively reduce parts inventory.


Disc Brakes

Meritor serves North America, South America Europe and Asia Pacific with disc brake offerings for truck applications. As the first to market with a full range of air disc brakes to suit all applications, we are the only braking system manufacturer that offers a complete portfolio of brakes – air disc, hydraulic disc, and air drum – as well as drums, discs and hubs.

Our 4 x 64 mm and 4 x 70 mm four-piston Meritor Quadraulic disc brake calipers (pictured above) offer fleet managers and owner-operators several performance and maintenance benefits. For medium-duty truck applications, Quadraulic disc brake calipers provide improved durability and increased lining life over today’s convention rail and pin slider calipers.

Designed to package with 19.5” and 22.5” wheel sizes, the calipers are compatible with anti-lock braking systems and existing hydraulic systems, resulting in better vehicle control and stability.

Features and Benefits

The Meritor Quadraulic disc brake caliper is hard-mounted to the anchor plate offering a high-temperature piston boot compound, and full-coverage zinc plating. This minimizes the need to replace the caliper or anchor plate and eliminates scheduled maintenance.

Fixed caliper design keeps brake hoses in place, minimizing the potential for hose damage during lining replacement. For simplified maintenance, lining changes require only the removal of the lining retention bolt (no swing of caliper).


Wheel Ends

Meritor’s wheel end solutions – including hubs, brake drums and hub assemblies – meet or exceed OEM specifications for heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles. Our products are engineered with materials that reduce weight without ever sacrificing strength and durability.

One of the great challenges for truck component manufacturers is to reduce weight without sacrificing strength and durability. Meritor meets this challenge with its Meritor Lite™ hub (pictured above), the lightest standard ductile iron hub in the industry.

Pound for pound, Meritor Lite hubs are as strong or stronger than other ductile iron hubs and much more durable than aluminum hubs.

Features and Benefits

Meritor Lite hubs are engineered using ductile iron instead of aluminum, providing improved tensile and yield strength of more than 50 percent.  Unlike aluminum hubs, Meritor Lite hubs require no heating for bearing cup replacement, result in reduced maintenance time.

Higher-strength threads significantly reduce the likelihood of stripping, which can result in oil leaks and catastrophic bearing failures.

Finally expansion rate compatibility with steel bearing cups results in improved sealing characteristics and helps ensure proper fitting.