Off-Highway Brakes


Drum Brakes

Meritor is the world’s largest producer of drum brakes with decades of experience behind us. Each year, more than two million units are produced around the world and while global legislation has been made more stringent, our drum brake portfolio has continually improved to match those demands with an ultimate torque capacity of up to 30kNm.

Meritor produces drum brakes operated by both cam and wedge actuation, suitable for application in wheel sizes from 16 inches upward with shoes widths from 4 to 10 inches.

Air wedge brakes have a compact installation envelope with sliding shoes for even shoe/drum loading. Simplex Air Cam (SAC) brakes (pictured above) incorporate an integral automatic adjuster and sliding shoes.

Whatever the brake style, shoe geometry is designed for performance balanced with long friction life. Depending on specific application, shoes can be produced in cast iron or as a steel fabrication.

Features and Benefits

Optional additional fitments for drum brakes include dirt shields, wear sensors and integrated air chamber brackets.

S Cam drum brakes can be adapted to fit most installations with variations in offset, cam length, shoe width, fixing patterns and air chamber bracket angles resulting in this type of brake becoming the standard fitment in North America, South America and Asia.


Disc Brakes

Meritor is the worldwide braking leader in size and capability for the commercial and industrial vehicle industry, supplying more than two million brake assemblies per year. We are the only braking system manufacturer who can offer a complete portfolio of brakes – air disc, hydraulic disc, and air drum – as well as drums, discs and hubs. Additionally, we were the first to market with a full range or air disc brakes to suit all applications.

Maintaining a fill rate of 95 percent for the hydraulic product line gives customers the flexibility to order a part today and receive it tomorrow. And we are continuously maintaining, reviewing and updating our catalogs to provide you with the best technical expertise and support available.

The Meritor twin-piston ADB, the EX225, combines higher-performance braking in a robust, heavy-duty product package. Building on proven twin-piston technology of the DX Series, the EX225 provides proven, robust braking for heavier-duty specialty applications.

Features and Benefits

The EX225 disc brake features synchronized twin-piston design to optimize performance and complete pad-to-rotor contact and the two-piece caliper assembly provides flexibility to adapt to new customer applications.

The standard caliper housing assembly provides high-volume manufacturing, one service part to stock, and proven internal actuation and adjuster mechanisms whilst optimized usable pad volume and vocation unique friction material options yield long life and tailored performance for each vocation.

Finally patented seals and additional piston sealing provide long life and reliability in all heavy-duty specialty applications.