Meritor WABCO Brakes



Advanced Braking Systems

Meritor WABCO has been a trailer Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) technology leader since 1993 with ABS offered as standard equipment at all major trailer OEM’s.

Enhanced Easy-Stop™ ABS provides unparalleled trailer monitoring and control capabilities to fleet and owner-operators with system configurations to meet virtually any trailer application – basic, standard and premium.

Features and Benefits

Our pneumatic ABS systems feature three simple diagnostics options; PC-based TOOLBOX™ software, standard blink code or Pro-Link® 9000. The Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) provides significantly improved pedal feel whilst the hydraulic ABS is a compact modulator with integrated ECU.

Trailer ABS features integrated dual modulator valve design on the 2S/2M, 4S/2M and 4S/3M in systems for virtually any trailer application.


Stability Control Systems

Meritor WABCO is a recognized pioneer in delivering advanced stability control solutions that have been proven to help drivers reduce vehicle accidents and help  you reduce overall vehicle operating costs. The SmartTrac™ family of Stability Control Systems integrates our active safety systems technologies into a comprehensive suite of innovative products to meet your specific operational needs.

The SmartTrac family of stability control systems includes: Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABSs) for truck, tractor and trailer; Automatic Traction Control for improved stability when driving / accelerating on low-friction surfaces; Stability Control Systems; Electronic Stability Control for truck and tractor provides Roll Stability Control (RSC) functionality and added directional stability control; and highest-value RSC with the fewest components and simplified maintenance.

In addition, RSSplus™ is a dedicated trailer stability support that applies trailer brakes at rollover threshold to reduce speed and lower lateral acceleration; designed for vehicle applications such as commercial trucks / tractors and trailers; construction, fire and rescue; bush and coach; and military. SmartTrac utilizes advanced Electronic Control Units (ECSs) with enhanced cpabilities.

Features and Benefits

Electronic Stability Control includes lateral accelerometer, steer angle sensor and yaw rate sensor for enhanced driver control in situations such as rapid lane changes and cornering on slippery surfaces that could lead to loss of vehicle control or rollover.

RSC is integrated into the existing ABS architecture, offering ease of maintenance due to fewer components whilst RSSplus™ Roll Stability Support for Trailers is available for aftermarket retrofits on trailers already equipped with Meritor WABCO ABS or an alternative brands of ABS.


OnGuard™ Collision Safety Systems

Meritor WABCO’s OnGuard™ is the first commercial vehicle Collision Safety System with Active Braking. OnGuard can assist the driver in maintaining a safe following distance and helps avoid or reduce the impact of rear-end collisions by braking as needed.

OnGuard uses forward-looking radar sensor technology featuring advanced algorithms to monitor the distance to the moving vehicle ahead. When OnGuard detects that a potential collision is developing, it sends audible and visual warnings through an in-cab dash display so the driver is alerted to take appropriate corrective action.

Features and Benefits

OnGuard features Collision Warning – an audible and visual warning that provides detection of developing rear end collisions.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Active Braking provides adaptive cruise for both deceleration and resume; maintains a 3.1 second following distance; provides sequential activation of engine (torque reduction, retarder control, foundation braking). Maximum deceleration is 0.25Gs.

The Collision Mitigation System is an “always on” emergency activation calculated to determine impending collision. Features initial haptic warning and 0.35Gs deceleration. Systetm automatically disengages if the drive takes appropriate action.


Air Systems & Controls

With Meritor WABCO complete braking systems, you eliminate multiple suppliers as well as incompatibility issues. Components are designed to work together to offer the greatest benefit to you. Total system integration translates into a leaner, lighter, more efficient system that requires less maintenance while enhancing performance, reliability and cost savings.

Meritor WABCO Air Systems and Controls products include System Saver Air Compressors, System Saver Air Dryers, Air Brake Control Valves, and Trailer Air Filtration.

Features and Benefits

System Saver air compressor’s superior global pistong and bore process provides up to 90 percent oil carryover reduction.

System Saver 1200 and 1800 air dryer cartridges are available with an oil coalescing filter option.

Air Brake Control Valves are interchangeable with industry mounting practices.

Trailer Air Filtration is offered in two types of filters offered: In-Line and Gladhand.