Bus/Coach Brakes


Drum Brakes

Through our joint venture business Master Sistemas Automotivos Ltda., we offer bus and coach brakes and components to the South American market.

S-cam Master brakes are mechanically driven by an s-shaped camshaft. The movement of the cam determines the opening of the shoes in one of the ends. The other end remains secured and sustained by retaining springs. The return spring nearest the camshaft is responsible for the contact between both parts and also for the return of the shoe to its initial condition after the brake is applied. (Pictured above is our S-cam 325 HD mm brake, also available in tubeless.)

Features and Benefits

S-cam brakes meet the industry requirements, assuring the reliability of a world-class original product.

To ensure performance and resistance requirements, s-cam brakes are tested and certified at Meritor labs.

Brake shoes are adjusted for better setup of linings, providing greater strength, no cracks and even lining wear.

All components subject to friction are thermally treated for greater resistance and durability.

S-cams are are treated with electrophoretic paint (e-coat) for increased resistance to corrosion and maximum durability of components.

Internal components are sealed for reduced internal contamination and corrosion and increased durability.

Disc Brakes

Meritor is the worldwide braking leader in size and capability for the commercial and industrial vehicle industry, supplying more than two million brake assemblies per year. Our ELSA air disc brake family is offered in Europe for bus and coach applications as an alternative to our DX series air disc brake, which was the first air disc brake to be offered on ROR trailer axles.

The ELSA 195LE air disc brake (pictured above) is a weight-optimized version of the 225 and installs within a 19.5 inch wheel envelope.

Features and Benefits

The ELSA 225HE air disc brake, formerly known as the D ELSA brake, has a powerful sliding caliper deisgn that installs within a 22.5 inch wheel envelope. It offers market-leading torque capcity with a rated torque capacity of 28,000 Nm. It also has a very large swept pad area, delivering alow pad wear rate. This advantage is compounded by extra thick pads, giving a very large wearable pad volume and extended pad replacement intervals.

ELSA brakes also feature integral automatic adjustment for pad wear, sealed synchronized twin tappet deisgn and robust sealing of slide pins for environmental protection. The brake can be supplied with electronic pad wear sensing – an electronic pad wear warning indicator, or a simple visual wear indicator.


Wheel Ends

Meritor’s wheel-end solutions – including hubs, brake drums and hub assemblies – meet or exceed OEM specifications for heavy-duty commercial and industrial vehicles. Our products are engineered with materials that reduce weight without ever sacrificing strength and durability.

A low-maintenance hub system is key for improved overall vehicle performance and lower lifecycle cost. Meritor offers a reliable wheel-end design that helps keep vehicles on the road with lower operating costs: the PreSet® hub assembly.

PreSet uses the strength and durability of the Meritor precision-manufactured ductile iron hub in combination with ConMet’s PreSet bearing concept. With periodic inspections, actual service intervals can extend up to 500,000 miles. PreSet is fully field serviceable with conventional, readily available parts (no special tools, equipment or procedures are required).

Features and Benefits

PreSet is pre-assembled to arrive ready for installation, reducing the risk of misalignment or damaged components during installation and the pre-adjusted bearings ensure consistency and maximum life.

Precision-ground spacer secures proper bearing adjustment whilst special-tolerance inner and outer tapered roller bearings are designed and selected for extended life. The robust gasket and proven venting technology protect against moisture and other contamination that can reduce bearing and seal life.

Finally the precision-machined ductile iron hub for high tensile strength ensures maximum strength.

*PreSet is a registered trademark of Consolidated Metco.