Brakes & Safety Systems


Meritor is the worldwide braking leader in both size and capability for the commercial vehicle industry, supplying more than two million brake assemblies per year for trucks, trailers, buses and coaches. Our brakes can be found on trailers, buses and coaches, and in such vocational applications as emergency, linehaul, fire and defense. We enjoy a market-leading position with cost of ownership optimized through the application of advanced predictive techniques and innovative manufacturing processes.

Meritor is driven by safety. We work daily to engineer safety into every brake system, detail and control. Safety directs our innovation into every braking product we make, from drum and air disc brakes, to hubs and drums; and automatic slack adjusters to hydraulic brakes and friction products. Additionally, our innovative PlatinumShield™ coating technology is available on some brake shoes to resist Rust-Jacking and provide extended brake shoe life and lasting value for our customers.

In North America, our Meritor WABCO joint venture also supplies active safety systems such as pneumatic and hydraulic anti-lock braking systems for tractors and trailers, stability control and collision avoidance systems. Our mission is to not only meet contemporary braking standards, but to keep advancing the cause of safety, wherever it may lead.


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