Truck Axles

Front Drive Axles

Fleets rely on the mobility of their vehicles to give them the performance edge their operations demand. Meritor® front axles enhance mobility through superior materials that offer greater strength at lighter weights for increased payloads and higher operating efficiencies.

Meritor MX Series single-reduction, front-drive steer axles provide durable off-road mobility from 10,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs. Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR). These axles use the popular Meritor 12x carrier, heavily offset to allow packaging in most vehicles without the need to significantly lift the vehicle’s front end.

The MX Series is designed to mate with Meritor MTC transfer cases. This gives the proper input rotation and a matching front output location for low driveline angles to the front axle.

Features and Benefits

Meritor front drive axles for truck applications feature a high-offset bowl to the passenger side with the 12x series global carrier to allow packaging in most vehicle configurations without cutting and stacking the frame rails.

The inverted position of the 12x carrier with a clockwise input rotation loads the hypoid gearing on the stronger “drive side” to increase applicability up to 16,000 lbs. GAWR.

The axles feature up to 420 capable double cardan joints to give improved maneuverability by reducing the turning radius while  protecting the bearings against contamination without the use of external deflectors.

Front Non-Drive Axles

When it comes to saving weight, maintenance time, and money on your fleet’s axle needs, Meritor has the products you can depend on. With our non-drive front axles, you benefit from the advanced technology and engineering experience of the industry’s leading manufacturer, along with the assurance that comes with the industry’s best service support and competitive warranty coverage.

All Meritor front non-drive steer axles feature the unique Easy Steer bushing technology, which reduces steering effort and provides longer life. Meritor front steer products are backed by industry-leading technology, unsurpassed service and support, and competitive warranty coverage.

The proven performance, durability and ease of service make the Easy Steer axle perfect for virtually any fleet. In weight ratings from 6,000 to 20,000 lbs., these premium axles are compatible with a wide range of popular Meritor brake products, and are supported by more than 3,500 genuine parts outlets nationwide, with distribution centers strategically located to reduce down-time. Easy Steer offers fleet managers the ability to rely on a single source for axle parts, hubs, drums and brakes. And the proven product features of the Easy Steer axle make it the clear choice for low cost and performance-oriented operators.

Features and Benefits

Our front non-drive steer axles feature easy steer bushings provide a tough, low-friction bearing surface to help reduce steering effort and give a longer life. Double draw keys hold the kingpin more firmly in place for superior front-end stability.  Our large-diameter kingpin has a proven, heat-treated design for greater durability and longer component life while the keystone steering arm uses a stronger forging with an induction-hardened taper.  Finally, our improved durability Optimized Beam Design is available in a variety of beam drop configurations and adds strength in high-load areas.


Rear Single Axles

At Meritor, we’re dedicated to rear axle solutions that enhance mobility to give our customers the leading edge. With more than 100 years’ of axle manufacturing experience, we’ve become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles for a broad range of vehicle applications. And, Meritor® rear axles are at the heart of this heritage. We’ve mastered the combination of precision engineering, component durability, and lightweight options – all to bring your operation enhanced movement. When your operation needs a drive axle product to move you past the competition, you can rely on Meritor drive axles to deliver.

The MS-17X single reduction hypoid drive axle, pictured above, is designed for on-highway applications and European linehaul operations. To meet increasingly demanding specific needs, the 17X offers increased capacity, higher efficiency and, due to laser welding of gear and differential cases, superior rigidity. Assembled in highly automated lines at our facilities located in Cameri, Italy and Lindesberg, Sweden.

Features and Benefits

The 17X offers customers a material option of cast or stamped housing, and is available with the option of driver-controlled differential lock.

Features Gross Axle Weight Rating of 13 tons, Gross Combined Weight of 44 tons and ratios ranging from 2.64 to 6.17.

Rear Tridem Axles

Meritor tridem axles, designed for the harshest environments, provide more tractive effort than a conventional tandem axle. This makes them ideal for heavy hauling.

A tridem is a series of three driving axles configured as follows: #1 axle is the forward axle of a normal tandem axle set, and #2 and #3 axles are a normal tandem set. A vehicle equipped with a tridem axle arrangement offers the same gross combination weight capability as a vehicle with a conventional tandem. However, the three axles of the tridem significantly increase the tractive effort capacity.

Features and Benefits

Our tridem axles feature hypoid-generoid gearing to provide longer life, greater strength and quieter operation.  Additionally, the rigid differential case provides greater durability.

For maximum traction, driver-controlled differential lock is available on most models, while our optional pressurized and filtered lubrication system helps reduce spinouts.

Hub Reduction Axles

Based on the successful Meritor European planetary wheel-end reduction design that has provided fleets with outstanding performance in harsh applications for more than a decade, hub reduction axles offer a ratio range of 3.46 to 7.21 – allowing a match for virtually any individual application.

Our MT-610 series (cast housing) axles are equipped with standard driver controlled differential locks in the forward, rear gear, and interaxle differrential. To meet application requirements and customer preference, cam and pneumatic disc brake designs are offered. The wheel-end reduction is a proven high capacity planetary design.

For reduced parts complexity, lower installation costs, and maximum customer value, complete axle modules may be specified to include brakes, hubs, drums, and other associated wheel-end equipment. The axle housing accommodates all popular air and spring suspension brackets which also may be specified as part of the module.

The MT610 is available as a solo and as a tandem axle, from 13 to 32 tons Gross Axle Weight Rating.

Features and Benefits

Four-planet hub-reduction gearing design provides higher-capacity ratings, and optimized driveline angles reduce harsh drivetrain vibrations, providing longer life.

Needle bearing design throughout interaxle differential provides spin-out protection and eliminates the need for a lube pump.

Driver-controlled differential locks (DCDL) are standard in both the forward and rear axles for increased traction when needed.

Wheel reduction is configured to suit your application requirements with three or four planetary gears.

Reduced maintenance activity and environmental impact can both be achieved by using Meritor-approved synthetic oils. Drain intervals can be conducted as infrequently as 400,000 miles or three years.

The MT-610 series are designed for high ground clearance for off-highway applications.