Trailer Axles


Trailer Axles

The proven leadership of Meritor in the design and manufacture of trailer components began back in 1930. Today we continue to set the pace for the industry with important new product innovations. In North America alone, we have produced more than eight million trailer axles, with more than 50 different trailer axles for a broad range of trailer applications.

The latest Meritor trailer axle is the revolutionary Meritor Euroflex™ product. Meritor set its engineering team a demanding design specification to fit all brake and wheel end combinations across all ride heights with the same suspension module. This task was made more demanding by the requirement to provide class- leading vehicle dynamics while being light, strong and durable.

For this reason, together with its knowledge as the unique supplier for complete integrated systems, Meritor adopted a bionic design philosophy, the result of which can be seen in the natural shapes of the trailing arms – only possible through the choice of complex casting technologies. The Trailing arms of the Meritor Euroflex Modular Axle System are made of a patented lifetime cast steel construction to create a stiff anti-roll structure that keeps your trailer poised and balanced, resulting in a safe and stable vehicle. The bionic design philosophy extends to the suspension dynamics where stability and ride are tuned to maximize trailer performance.

The all-new Low- or Top-mounting shock absorbers make the Meritor Euroflex Modular Axle System suitable for a wide range of chassis. Meritor Euroflex’s air-springs are designed for the user’s benefit. They are larger in diameter to operate at lower pressure, the pistons are tapered in order to raise the trailer quickly and they also have extra stroke for maximum trailer height adjustment – all adding to increased functionality. Meritor specializes in brakes, axles and suspensions so that the running gear components all work in harmony.

Features and Benefits

Meritor has developed an axle-suspension-system, using Bionic-Design to enhance vehicle dynamics thus improving vehicle safety.

Drivers need to feel safe towing 40 tons, especially on roads with potholes, roundabouts and camber. Meritor Euroflex’s superb vehicle dynamics, supporting high roll stiffness, optimized damping and straight line stability generate the confidence needed to deliver the cargo safely and on time, every time. Meritor Euroflex Modular Axle Systems’ outstanding performance is paired with superior braking power from our in-house manufactured braking systems.

Meritor Euroflex Modular Axle System uses larger airsprings, so that the trailer lifts quicker and rapidly shifts the trailer to the load height.

The suspension is shorter to fit within the tire envelope and to avoid airspring damage, and U-bolts have been eliminated to reduce maintenance.

Finally, the shock absorbers have been optimized to achieve road-friendly travel, protecting our roads and enhancing brake safety and stability.