Bus/Coach Axles


Front Drive Axles

At Meritor, we’re dedicated to bus- and coach-specific axle solutions that give our customers the leading edge. With more than 100 years’ axle-manufacturing experience, we’ve become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial vehicle axles for a broad range of applications. We’ve mastered the combination of precision engineering, component durability, and lightweight options – all to bring your operation enhanced movement. When your operation needs an axle product to move you past the competition, you can rely on Meritor.

The Meritor 71000 Series single-reduction drive axle is specifically designed for transit buses. The axle, which replaced the Meritor 61000 Series, carries a 28,660 lb. (13.0 MT) Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR).  

The 71000 Series is the perfect choice for high start and stop duty cycles, demanding retarder loads and periodic axle overload applications.



Features and Benefits

A one-piece ductile iron housing with integral suspension bracket pads and "bolt on" torque rod brackets provide a stronger foundation for the 71000 Series axle, as well as a higher GAWR capacity of 28,660 lbs. The cast housing is designed to accommodate all bus suspensions.

With ongoing developments in CNG, Hybrid, Articulated and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) configurations, axle loads continue to increase. In addition, engine and transmission retarder are used extensively to supplement braking. All of these factors add up and place greater demands on the axle gearing. To meet these demands, the 71000 Series carrier offers increased capacity.

Other premium features include: a unitized bearing package to reduce maintenance and increase bearing life; an improved integral pinion seal design to virtually eliminate seal leaks; and upgraded ring gear differential case joints for added durability.


Front Non-Drive Axles

Bus and coach axle customers in South America look to Meritor for products that deliver weight savings and reduced maintenance time.

Meritor’s MFS Series Front Non-Drive Steer Axles (MFS-06 pictured above) are used in bus and coach applications in South America. These axles include several featrues that reduce weight and maintenance while improving performance and increasing component life. The MFS-06 uses an integral tie rod and torque plate to reduce weight and eliminate significant joints. The lightweight beam design improves fuel economy while a reduced scrub radius improves the vehicle’s stability, decreased brake steer and improves reliability on turns.

The 55 degree turn angle and Easy Steer king pin bushing allow for greater maneuverability with reduced steering effort. And, screw-in king pin caps provide easy maintenance.



Features and Benefits

Meritor’s MFS-06 front non-drive steer axle offers a 55-degree turn angle for improved maneuverability, and its East Steer king pin bushings and thrust bearings reduce steering effort and provide longer bushing life.

The axle is designed with a reduced scrub radius for improved vehicle stability and reliability on turns and decreased brake steer.

Fuel economy is improved thanks to the MFS-06 axle’s lightweight beam design.


Rear Single Axles

With more than 100 years’ axle manufacturing experience, Meritor is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles for a broad range of vehicle applications. And, Meritor rear axles are at the heart of this heritage.  We’ve mastered the combination of precision engineering, component durability, and lightweight options – all to bring your operation enhanced movement.


Pictured above, our MS-113 Rear Single Axle is used in South American bus and coach applications. Its single piece carrier design delivers ease of serviceability and accommodates standard ratios of 3.31 to 7.17. Long-life features include 11.5" hypoid gearing. 


Features and Benefits

Meritor’s hypoid gearing delivers long life and great strength plus something users will appreciate – quiet operation. And, banjo housing delivers optimal strength without excessive weight to provide maximum load-carrying capacity.

Meritor’s driver-controlled differential lock lets drivers select engagement to generate maximum torque output to each wheel end in reduced-traction conditions. All Meritor medium-duty axles have fewer joints for greater strength and integrity thanks to a single-piece carrier design and integral carrier leg and cap.