Winter Conditioner


Winter Conditioners are multi-functional diesel fuel additives designed to ensure reliable fuel system performance in severe winter conditions.

Winter Conditioners are proprietary mixtures of aliphatic hydrocarbons formulated to reduce Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), reduce fuel Pour Point, and prevent fuel line freeze-up. They do not contain sulfur, and they burn ash free. They are completely compatible with all low sulfur diesel fuel, #2 and #1 diesel fuels and mixtures thereof.

Winter Conditioner Concentrate is a concentrated formula with a very low pour point designed to treat bulk diesel fuel storage tanks. Simply add the proper amount of Concentrate to the tank and load bulk diesel fuel. Winter Conditioner Base is formulated to treat both bulk diesel fuel tanks as well as vehicle diesel tanks.

When the weather is cold, fuel problems can create havoc in your engine. Our winter conditioner is a proprietary formula designed for a broad range of low sulfur fuels. It is especially designed to prevent cold weather maintenance problems before they become disasters.

  • Prevents Gelation by Reducing Cold Flow Plugging Point (CFPP) Up to 30º F
  • Reduces Pour Point Up to 38º F
  • Optimizes Fuel Filter Life
  • Easy Cold Weather Starting
  • Prevents Ice Crystal Formation
  • Prevents Fuel-line Freeze-up
  • Outperforms Conventional Flow Improvers
  • OEM Approved
  • Compatible with All Types of Diesel Fuel (Including ULSD* and Biodiesel Blends Up to B20)