Industrial Silencers


Cummins industrial exhaust silencers quietly out-perform the competition. Quality construction is the reason why.

First, Cummins uses heavy-duty aluminized steel, which allows Cummins silencers to operate at a maximum temperature of 1,250° F. Next, Cummins protects them with a coating of rust-inhibiting primer, apply a base coat of high-heat silicone aluminized paint, then bake on the topcoat. This ensures that the paint will maintain its physical properties up to 900° F on aluminized steel and 1,100° F on mild steel, resulting in a tough, long-lasting product.

Silencer Style and Design Options
We offer four configurations of silencers as standard designs:

  • End in, end out
  • Side in, side out
  • Side in, end out
  • Middle side in, end out

Application Options
We also offer four levels of standard silencers:

  • Industrial 100 level with 12-18 dBA insertion loss
  • Residential 200 level with 18-25 dBA insertion loss
  • Critical 300 level with 25-32 dBA insertion loss
  • Hospital 400 level with 32-42 dBA insertion loss

Silencers are available with inlet and outlet sizes from 0.75 to 22 inches.

Special Silencers
In addition to our industrial silencers, we offer special silencers for specific applications. Our custom silencers are engineered, tested, and built to the same quality standards as our standard silencer line.

Spark Arrestors and Spark Arresting Silencers
Spark arrestors and spark arresting silencers remove dangerous sparks caused by exhaust gas. This makes them appropriate for:

  • Logging and construction equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Over-the-road trucks
  • Airport equipment
  • Military vehicles

Constructed of aluminized steel, our unique spark arrestor design offers the following features:

  • Our unique vane arrangement resists heat and vibration while reducing noise.
  • Fully welded construction provides maximum strength and prolongs service life.
  • Perforated tube and resonator chambers reduce noise without restricting exhaust gas flow.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations for vertical or horizontal mounting.

Space Saver Silencers
Need to fit a silencer in a limited space? When space is tight and you need a high degree of silencing, look at our Space Saver line. We use a combination of reactive and absorptive technology to produce a compact, yet quiet, line of silencers.
The Space Saver series silencers

  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • Feature fully welded construction.
  • Is available in two inlet options—slip fit connections (from 1.5 to 6 inches) and flanged connections (from 4 to 14 inches).

Low Pressure-drop Silencers
Do you require both allowable back pressure and a high degree of silencing? Our silencer line is here for you with our NTS series.
The NTS series is available in the following options:

  • Two attenuation levels (NTS 20 and NTS 30)
  • Two configurations (end in, end out and side in, end out)
  • Inlet/outlet sizes from 4 to 22 inches

These options give you the choices to engineer your exhaust system to your unique specifications.

Silencer Accessories
To complement our Industrial Silencer line, we offer silencer accessories to give you one-stop shopping. Or, let us engineer a custom industrial silencer accessory for your application.

Outlet Extensions
A straight outlet for horizontal applications is available with:

  • Flanged inlets, ranging from 4 to 16 inches
  • Bevel cut outlets for protection against rain
  • Welded bird screens

A 90° outlet elbow is also available for either vertical or horizontal applications and features a flanged inlet ranging from 4 to 12 inches.

Mounting Brackets
Bolt-on mounting brackets for horizontal mounting of silencers with body diameters of 9 to 36 inches are available.

Explosion Relief Cover
Relief covers are designed to open at 5 PSI to protect the silencer shell against rupture in case of backfire or explosion of residual gases within the exhaust system. One unit within the first chamber of the silencer is adequate.

Inspection Openings
Inspection openings have removable covers to provide access to silencer internals for inspection or cleaning. Usually one opening per silencer is recommended.

Rain Caps
Rain caps are available to tube sizes ranging from 1.5 to 22 inches.

Mounting Flange Kits
Single-flange and dual-flange kits are available to weld to piping leading or from a silencer. Kits include flange, nuts, bolts and gasket and are available in sizes from 4 to 22 inches.

Weld-On Bracketry
Large, heavy silencers should be secured with welded brackets. We make four styles of welded bracketry, which we install at the factory, and which are covered under our warranty.

  • Type “B” brackets are used to hang a silencer in a vertical position.
  • Type “D” legs are used to mount a silencer in a vertical position when it is placed on a solid surface.
  • Type “E” brackets are used to hang a silencer in a horizontal position.
  • Type “F” brackets are used to mount a silencer in a horizontal position when it is placed on a solid surface.