Drive Clean



Effective September 1, 2011, changes to Drive Clean will save drivers time and money, while continuing to protect the environment. Learn about the changes that became law on June 1.

Summary of Changes to Testing Effective September 1, 2011:

  • Vehicles will need a test for registration renewal at seven years of age, instead of five.
  • Light-duty vehicles no longer require a test for family transfers and lease buyouts by the lessee.
  • No test is required for licence renewal if your light-duty vehicle passed the test in the previous calendar year.
  • Vehicles plated “Historic” no longer require testing.

If your vehicle registration expires before September 1, 2011, the previous rules apply.

Buying or Selling a Used Vehicle?

If you sell your car to anyone other than an immediate family member, and the car is a model year older than the current calendar year, your vehicle must pass a Drive Clean test. This helps ensure no one buys a used vehicle with emissions problems.

What Drive Clean is

Drive Clean is Ontario’s mandatory vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance program. It improves our health and environment by reducing smog-causing pollutants through testing and repairing vehicle emissions systems.


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